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Vacancies for Technical Staff

17-19 Software Developer

The software development team of the Chandra data system division has an opening for a software developer to support data reduction and analysis tools for NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. The successful candidate will work to extend and maintain the data system functionality and to support its operations. Knowledge required for the position includes C/C++, Python, Java, Unix based operating system, databases and data access via standard protocols.

17-36 Astrophysicist (Technical Assistant)

The Science Mission Planning team has an opening for a Technical Assistant to provide technical and scientific support for space observatory operations and X-ray astronomy research using the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Together with scientific staff, Technical Assistants plan and schedule Chandra science observations, code, modify, debug, and document software for mission planning; develop and maintain databases; draft and maintain materials for websites; and participate in the daily operations of the Chandra Observatory.

This position is especially suitable for recent bachelor's or master's degree graduates with solid physics backgrounds, interest and experience in astronomy, and a strong focus on contemporary scientific computing (which could include modern scripting languages, database use, and web page development in a unix/linux environment).

17-37 Configuration Management Developer

The software development team of the Chandra data system division has an opening for a software developer to work with management to modernize the software engineering processes and practices associated with continuously building, deploying, and releasing software and environments. The employee will work collaboratively with all members of the software development group to migrate legacy infrastructure capabilities to more modern technologies that are configured and maintained for efficient use. He/she will provide support to developers and their development environments through well-defined processes and scripts.

17-40 IT Specialist (Applications Software)

The employee will work with the CXC EPO staff to assist in production of high quality images from Chandra observations that are appropriate for public and press release. This task includes obtaining FITS files and scaling, determining coordinates, and, by modifying generic software developed by the Chandra project, coding unique processing algorithms for each image to scale, smooth, stretch, remove streaks, flux, composite, load & save regions, add graphics features, colorize, export as properly formatted files, etc...

Vacancies for Scientists

No current openings.

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